Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How do you Praise and Rejoice ?

When I was younger I went to a Catholic church where all we were allowed to do was sing from a small book that was in the small pocket of all the pews. I never really knew anything else. I had a new music teacher start teaching at the Catholic school I attended. She came in with some radical ideas. She started a sort of small revolution .She brought in some songs that weren’t in the little book and even encouraged everyone to clap in the church which was unheard of back then. Well unfortunately so many people complained about her that after about a year she was gone. It went back to the hymnal book again. I really liked that lady. Anyway, I felt bored to be honest. It felt like something was missing. What I thought of Yahweh was that He looked old and was not a very happy individual. I didn't really know Him at all. Then I became a Christian many years later. I saw a big difference in worship. They clapped and sang with joy and I truly felt a spiritual uplifting in my heart. This was one of those things that made me realize I had come to the right place. Later on as time passed I returned to the world and basically left all the biblical things I once knew. About 5 yrs later I came to my senses and returned to my Biblical faith. I returned to find that the congregation I attended started to look into the biblical Hebraic origins of scripture. They had deeply researched the Word and found that dancing was something that was done in praise and worship, that and also the playing of Instruments and many other things other than just clapping. Our Pastor Patrick Hadley started teaching on worship and praise from the biblical understanding. The congregation immediately embraced it and fell in love with it. My Father’s house Ministries is one of several congregations who have changed and incorporated this biblical way of worship into our every service. We enjoy it so much. Some still clap and dance at their seat. Others play tambourines and various instruments. Then we have those who come together at the front of the chapel and do the biblical circle dances. Whether you dance with the group or dance alone. It is a true blessing to dance before the King of Kings. I have played the drum and the tambourine many times. I must admit I am partial to dancing with the tambourine or dancing before him waving a flag. I truly feel His presence and sometimes feel like I’m dancing in His Throne room. It is truly a blessing to have come to this biblical understanding of worship in the dance. Please share how you came to know worship in the dance and how this has effected your spiritual growth.


Kerry Ann said...
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Katina Davenport said...

Hello, it is great to see another person that is getting back to their Hebraic roots as I am. I have been looking through your site and am pleased to know there is someone else that understands how to worship Yahweh in spirit and in truth. I am a dancer by nature. I have this gift from Yahweh, so I give it back to Him through worship and through teaching other dancers how to worship in spirit and in truth.